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[title size=”3″ content_align=”left” style_type=”single solid” sep_color=”#ffffff” class=”” id=””]Core Values[/title] The Deep End School of the Supernatural is built upon the core values of New Earth Tribe. Honor: We seek to provide a college environment which promotes value and honor for students and staff. Community: Effectiveness in employment and ministry comes from strong relationships. We aim to develop a culture that values strong relationships and lasting friendships among students, between students and staff and with the community around us. Culture: Naioth College seeks to be culturally relevant and prophetic to our society. It has a contemporary focus and seeks to explore creative and justice-driven expressions that speak to our society. Excellence: The College aims for excellence, not for its own sake, but in our devotion to for the sake of the glory of God being upheld in the church and in the wider community. Transformational: We believe that along with skills training students should also experience a transformational journey into deeper Christian maturity. Unity: Naioth College is trans-denominational and open to all members of the body of Christ. We seek to serve the church and complement rather than duplicate activities undertaken by others. The Kingdom: We desire for people to be committed to serving God’s kingdom whether through church ministry or in their workplace. The Church: We require all students to be active participants in local congregations of believers and the church as a whole. Creativity: The College aims to reflect and nurture the creativity that God has given to us. We seek to explore and expand the Christian creative experience. Ministry Skills: The College is committed to the development of effective ministry skills in student’s lives. Intimacy: We believe in the need for people to develop an ongoing intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father. This includes the development of a passion to better understand and apply God’s Word. Theology: The College doctrinal basis is the established Christian creeds (Nicene, Apostles). On matters of faith we seek unity in essentials and tolerance in the non-essentials. Due to the nature of the courses taught by Naioth College, we require that students give a nominal assent to the Naioth College statement of beliefs. Hope: We believe that all theology and ministry must be undergirded by the increasing hope of the restoration and renewal of all things. Justice: We believe that the ministry of Jesus must be infused with justice. We believe that there can be no glorification of God without the liberation of the oppressed and no liberation without the glorification of God. The Supernatural: We believe all ministry needs to done by and through the empowering work of the Holy Spirit. We desire to see God’s supernatural presence at work within and through the lives of all who come in contact with the college.