ONLINE Zoom School – 8 Wednesday Nights 


Relationships are pretty much everything when it comes to our life happiness or contentment! Unfortunately, they are rarely ever awesome by themselves, but its our attention to the growth of new skill sets, that causes our connections to deepen and too flourish.

In The Relationship School we will be interviewing and hearing from some outstanding leaders, teachers, pastors and counselors on some key relationship skills. In part one of this course we will be going after the concepts that build Kingdom connections, some basic communication skills and how our open doors spiritually will affect our connections. This course is for the courageous, the curious and the humble. There is still so much to learn but if you’re up for it this school will probably change your life. Well not your whole life, but definitely your relationships! This school is for everyone and not just for those with love relationships. Please note. The course will be conducted on the ZOOM platform on Wednesday nights.

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Program for the Relationship School
Wednesday Nights from 7PM – 8:30 PM (AEDT)
October 6th 2021 with Brad Joss (Paradox Church, Perth)
WEEK 1 “Kingdom Connections – the foundation of our lives are healthy relationships- God, self and others”
October 12th with Aimee Talbot (Paradox Church, Elijah House, Perth)
WEEK 2 “Needs and Unmet Needs – how to manage our expectations and still be healthy in our processes”
October 19th with Isi and Fini DeGersigny (Jubilee church, Sydney)
WEEK 3 “Building Family on the Frontline – the power of being sold out in relationships and life”
October 27th 2021 with Tim & Deb Ferris (i61 Church, Sydney)
WEEK 4 “Crucial Conversations and Communication – how to have powerful conversations and the skill sets that increase connection”
November 3rd 2021 with Phil and Maria Mason (Tribe Byron Bay and Heart Revolution)
WEEK 5 “Courageous Love – Powerful vs powerless – postures in our self-love, God love and relationships.
November 10th 2021: Graeme & Andrea Peak (Nothing Hidden Ministries)
WEEK 6 “The Value of Nothing Hidden – living a life of being know in community and connections”
November 17th 2021 with Jennifer Eviaz (Harvest Church, Turlock, USA)
WEEK 7 “Cleaning up and Walking Free -shutting the door to hate and other influences like soul ties, rebellion, rejection” 
November 24th 2021
with Steve and Noni Potter (Trauma councillors, Leader Coaches and Trainers) 
WEEK 8 “How Trauma Affects our Connections -living free from guilt, shame and trauma and recognising the way this influencing relating styles”

This school will be conducted over Zoom and is available for everyone across the globe. We encourage you join live but will also send you a link with the recording afterwards. We ask for everyone to show up on camera & mute your microphone when the session starts.