3rd December 2019 | At the Tribe Byron Bay, Ministry Centre




6 – 9pm |  Tuesday 3 December 

Get ready for this Summer with an evening to brush up on your healthy connections skills. We have three awesome classes for you, followed by a Q and A to complete the night. These classes will also be available on Zoom. 

PLEASE ARRIVE 5:45pm for a 6pm start 

Session 1| 6.00 – 6.45pm  With Maria Mason

Building a Healthy Life for Healthy Relationships:

 In this first session we will look at how each of us have been set up with certain skill sets when it comes to our connections. These skills can enable us to do really well in some areas of relating, but then there are other areas that we might struggle with. So what are the basic skill sets for healthy connections? This class will help to answer this, and also help you assess what skills the Lord is growing you in during this season. We will also use some simple diagnostic tools to create a relationship health check for going into this Summer!


Session 2| 7:00 – 7.45pm  With Bev Loft

Co-Dependency and Healthy Boundaries

Are you in tune with where YOU end and your friend or family member STARTS? Do you know if you are being INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY referenced? Does the thought of spending Christmas with your family cause you to feel some nervous tension or stress? How easy is it for you to say NO to other’s demands on you and your time?

These are just some of the areas we will delve into with a touch of rawness, laced with some humour and practical examples and stories. Getting in touch with and understanding some of these issues has changed how I do life and relationships. Going into the holiday season is the perfect time for us to learn a few extra skills and tools that will not only help us to get honest with ourselves and others but will enable us to enjoy healthier connections with those we love.


Session 3| 8:00 – 8.45pm  With Maria Mason

Being Powerful or Weak People?

Which one is right from a Biblical Perspective? The answer is both! We are hearing a lot about being powerful people right now. This is such a great revelation as it sets us up to take responsibility in our lives. Being the most powerful version of you is rewarding but it can also be a recipe for some bad character flaws. What is the balance when it comes to growing in your ability to walk in your strengths and in Godly authority? When is it the right time to be broken, less and weak in your relationships and life? A fun look at the human personality and how our culture either pulls us towards strength or towards weakness in different seasons.

PLEASE NOTE: Classroom Spaces will be limited //
Zoom Option Available MORE INFO