Tribe Ministry School is located in the beautiful coastal community of Byron Bay, New South Wales. Byron is a highly creative and culturally diverse region that is known for its phenomenal beaches, surf culture and creative talent.

Byron Bay is renowned for its relaxed, laidback atmosphere, beautiful beaches, creative local community, mild-subtropical climate and alternate culture. It attracts 1.75 million visitors each year, many of whom are international backpackers and global travellers, who come to experience the unique culture of Byron and to explore the natural beauty of the region.

The Byron region is also a destination for spiritual seekers and those within fringe or alternate cultures. As a region, Byron is continually hosting cutting edge music festivals, film festivals, healing festivals and a range of cultural events and occasions.

Accordingly, Byron is probably one of the best places in the world to be activated in the supernatural ministry of the Kingdom and to learn about the culture of the Kingdom as an alternative to the cultures of this world. In a sense, Byron holds an intensified microcosm of cultural values that the world holds. We are eagerly anticipating hosting the presence of God over this region.




We have found that students who transition to Byron Bay and into the culture of the community find that transition often doesn’t happen as quickly as they intend. For that reason we invite students to prepare for the school by moving at least a couple of weeks earlier than they would otherwise have thought necessary to establish themselves and get a feel for the culture of the community.

This helps students adjust culturally, spiritually, relationally and also financially before the commencement of the school. While this isn’t mandatory, it helps students to get the most out of the first term of the school. It is also encouraged that if potential students begin to think about applying and enrolling in this school that they retain a number of close friends as intercessors at least until the completion of the first semester.

Tribe Ministry School doesn’t organise or coordinate housing for students but does assist students in making connections and orienting themselves within the Byron housing market. Housing is likely to be the greatest logistical challenge for students as the Byron region generally has a high demand and low supply of affordable accommodation options.

We have noticed that the students who live together with other students flourish because their living situation reflects their spiritual journey together. We have also noticed that students who live on their own don’t get the full benefit of Tribe Ministry School. Students who struggled to find accommodation with other students have told us that this significantly detracted from their experience of Tribe Ministry School.

On acceptance to Tribe Ministry School we will join you to our shared social media forum for the upcoming academic year in order to connect and meet with other students.






While Byron Bay is obviously not a city suburb, with respect to the cost of living Byron is equivalent to living near a major city. All students will be personally responsible for their own food requirements during the school. Depending on which option for accommodation appeals to you, you will either be paying the family you are billeting with for food and rent or you will be living in a group house.

Those students who are planning to come to Byron Bay to obtain part time or casual employment in order to work their way through the school should bear in mind that they may not obtain work immediately. If this is your plan we strongly recommend you come at least a month before the commencement of the school in order to get settled in beforehand.

For Australian citizens it is possible that in studying through Tribe Ministry School you also may be eligible for Centrelink approved Austudy assistance. For the purpose of applying for this support, our office would be happy to provide you with a letter confirming your enrolment in the course.