The Application process takes about a half an hour. It can be saved and returned to later.

Please have the following documents in digital form ready to upload.

  • One page testimony of your journey so far.
  • A digital photo

If you are applying for entry into the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology and are seeking to obtain a VET FEE HELP Loan, please ensure you have the following documents in a scanned form.

  • Higher School Certificate (This is optional. However students that cannot produce a Higher School Certificate will be required to take a LLN test.)
  • Proof of Australian Citizenship (This can be a Passport or Birth Certificate)

Please also ensure you have the details of the following references.

  • One Pastoral reference
  • Two Personal references.

The application process requires these references to complete a 5 minute online reference questionnaire in respect of your application. They will be sent an email link within 3-4 working days of your application submission. It is generally advised that you confirm with your referees before they receive their questionnaires.

It is also recommended that you obtain your Unique Student Identifier prior to commencing the application process. Your USI can be obtained here: