Tribe Ministry School is located in the beautiful coastal community of Byron Bay, New South Wales. For most upcoming applicants to the college this will mean contemplating a move to this region.

As well as being an educational centre,Tribe Ministry School is also a discipleship school that seeks to offer transformative pastoral care to every student. Our call as Christians is not to simply receive informational understanding of the Kingdom but to be transformed to carry the heart of Jesus.

One of the unique features of Tribe Ministry School is that the life of the school is thoroughly intertwined with the life of the Tribe Byron Bay community. Scripture indicates you can’t experience deep transformation apart from community and so every element of Tribe Ministry School is closely integrated with our local church community. You can find out more about the Tribe Byron Bay community here.



The foundation of community is really the depth of relationships we build with each other and so community can only be as strong as the connections we have with one another.

As students will be a part of Tribe Byron Bay for the duration of the school students are required to be involved in a home based small groups, where they will receive most of their pastoral care and will be encouraged to build relationships. These groups are designed to produce spiritual growth through the sharing of heart journeys, growing in gifts and ministering to one another in prayer and prophecy.



We encourage all students to receive the Kingdom ministry of Jesus as part of their own preparation for ministry. Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” We cannot give away what we haven’t received, so learning how to posture ourselves to receive the ministry of Christ into our hearts is a vital part of our own preparation for ministry. Jesus only released the disciples to minister after they had learnt how to be ministered to by the Lord. If they couldn’t receive His ministry, they disqualified themselves from ministering to others in His name.

Due to the nature of certain subjects in the course material, previous students have found that many personal issues in their lives often get stirred to the surface. We encourage students to pursue personal healing in their hearts whenever the Holy Spirit causes these issues to arise. Ministry is available through a number of different channels throughout both the school and the wider community.



One of the major “schools” of study in Tribe Ministry School is the School of Heart Culture. This school takes a workshop approach to exploring different aspects of the heart journey and is a time for students to discuss the heart journey and any issues that may arise in it. It almost always ends in an opportunity for students to minister to each other and pray.