10:00 AM - 4 PM | Friday 22nd & Saturday, 23rd February 2019 - At the Tribe Byron Bay, Ministry Centre
This intensive school will introduce students to the dynamics of prophetic congregational worship and its role in establishing spiritual breakthrough. Maria Mason has had over 20 years of experience in worship leading and building worship teams. This course will take students on a journey into one of the most powerful spheres of spiritual engagement that believers are called to participate in this side of heaven. This school will be invaluable for emerging worship leaders and believers who carry a passion for the worshipping community, breaking through into a sustained presence culture. There will be six sessions over two days; Friday and Saturday. As part of the school there will be a Friday night BURN and a Saturday night BURN.
THE SCHOOL OF WORSHIP TEACHERS – Maria Mason & Justin Cloherty

Session 1 | 10am –  Maria Mason
The Responsibility of Ruling
The authority to rule and reign as Kings and to legislate from the heavens. Foundations for a worship and prayer culture. Encounter culture, sonship culture, performance versus intimacy, sons who live in heaven’s culture.

Session 2 |11:30am – Maria Mason
Worship as the Soundtrack of the New Creation

Session 3 |1:30am – Maria Mason
Discerning Spiritual Atmospheres
Praise for breakthrough and worship in the glory, discerning of spirits, knowing how to reign.

Session 4 |3pm – Maria Mason
The Anatomy of Worship
Leading, songs, structure, composition, prophetic songs, intercession, high praise, worship, intimacy, performing versus praising.

Session 5 |7pm – 
Burn Night – Corporate prophetic worship and intercession


Session 6 | 10am –  Maria Mason
The Worship Community
Establishing a worship culture, a worship family, how to raise up leaders, support leaders.

Session 7 |11:30am – Justin Cloherty
The Life of the Psalmist
A look at David and his mighty men as they sang the Psalms in every season of the soul

Session 8 |1:30am – Maria Mason
The Ministry of the Harp and Bowl
Beholding and becoming, the place of transformation- Sonship.

Session 9 |3pm – Maria Mason
Authority over Intimidation
Impartation of fire for spiritual breakthrough. Seated in heavenly places, far above all principalities and powers. Psalm 149.

Session 10 |7pm  
Burn Night – Corporate prophetic worship and intercession

PLEASE NOTE: Class Room Spaces will be limited / Zoom Option Available